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Race to Inches – Bad Boys Fishing is changing the game of tournament angling. Typical tournaments are scored upon a limit of fish for either total inches or total weight. The Bad Boys like to count every inch caught above 8 inches. Utilizing the Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) method, every single fish Read more
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Elemental Methods is a full-service Business and Information Technology consulting organization. As an American firm, we serve the business community with the highest caliber talent available for each of the business and IT disciplines that comprise our framework: The Elemental Method. Our Read more
The FHS Fishing Team is excited about the many opportunities that will be available this school year. We hope to reach out to the surrounding areas to assist in various events that will help with support, education and conservation. The objective of the team is to encourage others to utilize the Read more
As we receive sponsorship's and endorsements from companies we will be sure to have a list of products and items that we have acquired that are to be used for winnings and door-prizes as well as there street value! Remember we are also giving CASH prizes the day of the event for 1st, 2nd Read more
The Hobie Bass Open is a catch, photograph and release (CPR) tournament where anglers measure and photograph their top three bass during each of the two days, to be scored by total aggregate length. Eligible species include largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass on human powered kayaks. 100% Read more
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<div>KATS Midwest is a kayak bass fishing tournament series covering the Midwest region. This series offers cash payouts from entry fees and significant sponsor donations as prizes. This series will be the most lucrative event in the Midwest, drawing anglers from the Midwest, and Ontario, Read more