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Quicktab FAQs

How can I log a catch for my team

To log as a team you will need to register as a Team. Then under catch logging screen you will see an option to choose which angler you are logging this catch for.

How can I get a refund

Reach out to the tournament directors listed on the tournament page to get a refund

How to I register with a coupon

If you have a coupon you can apply it at the time of registration. Search for your tournament and click register.

How to register for a tournament

To register for a tournament logon to the mobile app, search for your tournament and click register. You can choose between multiple payment options.

How do anglers participate

To log a catch use the iAngler Tournament App available on Google Play and Apple store.

Do you allow virtual tournaments

Yes, you can host virtual tournaments using our site.

Do you allow SLAM scoring

Yes, we allow SLAM scoring on a collection of species level

How many angler can register

Unlike other sites we do not have any restriction on how many anglers can participate. Since we bill on a per angler basis you pay for the actual number of anglers registered.

Can we score by length and weight

The iAngler tournament system allows you to score on quantity and length. We do not have feature to score by weight. However, you can always download the data in an Excel format and do calculations thereon.

What are the charges for hosting tournament

We charge $5 per angler for hosting tournaments

What is Outdoors App

Outdoors app is more than just fishing

Does your site use cookies

We might use cookies from time to time. You will be asked in case our site uses them.

How do I reset my password

You can reset your password using the Forgot password link on your app and website

How do I register on iAngler Tournament

You can register via the website or the Mobile apps available on Google Play and Apple Store.