Fish Conservation

"For countless ages, man has taken from the sea. Now it is time for us to give back to this precious source of all our planet's life."

William R. Mote,Founder of The Snook Foundation.

The Snook and Gamefish Foundation’s mission is to aid in the protection and preservation of current fish populations for future generations by facilitating coordination between anglers, researchers, and policy makers. We support unbiased and responsible fishery and marine regulations and and conservation, preservation, restoration, and enhancement of estuarine and coastal water habitats.We believe that a brighter future for all fisheries is in the hands of informed anglers, who will take proactive steps to increase, not just maintain, the stocks. The instruments for such action are members who will commit to achieving game fish habitat protection, enlightened regulation, research, and education.

Anglers Action Program is one such initiative where we have asked recreational angler to record their catches by simply logging the general size and location of their catch on the The program now boasts almost 5,000 registered users, and the number grows daily.To date,over 130 different species of fish have been logged into the system, with inshore saltwater species getting the most tallies. Total number of fishes logged on 21st Feb 2014 reached 30,000 which shows that the angler is ready to contribute for the brighter future and better conservation of the fisheries

Smart Angler Program is an initiative to educate and inform the anglers in a fun way with quiz and giving them prizes. One can test them by visiting One can get free acess to Smart Angler Library for understanding gamefish and their prey, lifecycles and habitat and educate themselves.