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iAngler-Tournament is a comprehensive management system that operates fishing tournaments, is easy to use, and collects vital angling data for research.

iAngler-Tournament, a service project of the Snook & Gamefish Foundation (SGF), was designed to efficiently manage existing fishing tournaments and allow anglers to input their tournament catches quickly and easily, all while collecting valuable data for fishery science and habitat protection.

SGF has been collecting (and safeguarding) recreational angler data since 2010 with our Angler Action Program (AAP) and it's smartphone app, iAngler. The program started with Florida's premier gamefish, the snook, and our snook data has been used in two state-level stock assessments. Since that time the program has expanded to all species of fresh and salt water fish.

In 2013 the SGF team realized that the AAP was not quite fast enough to collect data during a fishing tournament. An entire new system needed to be developed. Thanks to support from the Fleming Foundation, SGF had the funds to pursue a new and exciting project.

iAngler-Tournament began with a focus group of scientists from FWC and BTT, Redbone tournament managers, tournament guides, tournament anglers, programmers from Elemental Methods, and SGF's AAP crew. After two days of intensive planning at a Guy Harvey Outpost, the building began.

Within a few short months of hard work, it was determined the system was ready to go live at the Redbone Sunrise/Sunset Celebrity Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, Florida, and the system proved to be very effective at the event. Anglers and captains loved the new technology.

Why use iAngler Tournament?

Tournament managers will love the simplicity of the system. Setting up a new event is simple, and can be customized to the current format of most tournaments. (Catch-photo-release events are perfect!). Anglers find the system very fast and easy, and appreciate that their catches are visible on the web 'real time' so their friends and family back home can keep tabs on their day. It also allows for quick release within seconds of the catch, which is great for the fish. Researchers and scientists are particularly excited, as this opens up a new 'data playground' for them to assess fish dynamics and habitat needs. Best of all, tournaments can be easily designed to pin-point data needs of a particular fish or region.

If you currently run a fishing tournament and you could use a little extra marketing plus simplify the process of the event, iAngler-Tournament is for you. If you are an angler who fishes tournaments, iAngler-Tournament will be your 'one stop shop.' All events in the system are fitted into the Angler Action Program database, ensuring every data point collected is used for fishery research and science.

Each user's personal data is protected - nobody but you sees your fishing spot, whether you are a guide or recreational angler.

iAngler-Tournament will be a key component of the soon-to-be-revealed Gamefish Cloud - stay tuned for that landmark day!

-Brett Fitzgerald, Executive Director, SGF